The Place

Dedicated to Alexandrine Ribas Words: Love, Truth, Afraid, Strong, Overcome   Beer bottles were strewn across the living room floor, small spots of alcohol dripping from the bottles and staining the carpet. Jamie held back bile from the strong stench. His father was snoring on the couch. Jamie walked past him and into his room.... Continue Reading →

Change of Heart

Dedicated to Shawn Williams Words: Sin Honor Death Life Optimism To live with honor and optimism is a goal all humans strive for. However, most live in perpetual sin. I don’t mind this. It makes my job much easier. Slaying sinful humans is what I was programmed to do. Death is a thankless job but... Continue Reading →

Search for Mcgriddles

Words: McGriddle, Dragon, 4pm Hairspray, Universe Dedicated to Meghan Nagle Stretching out my long black claws I wait to have them painted. I love getting manicures, don’t you? Thankfully this salon is dragon friendly as I wave my tuft of blond hair, styled with hairspray proudly. What? You never seen a pink dragon with blond... Continue Reading →

The Hiatus Must End!

So it has been a long time since I posted a short story with the words given to me. To refresh people's memories and to explain to newcomers, here is what I was doing originally. A person would give me up to five different words. I would use those words and write them into a... Continue Reading →

"Safe Spaces" by Erin M Miller (8/5/2018) You say safe spaces have no place in this world Safe spaces are for the weak, The downtrodden The Ne’er do wells Students are crybabies Whom want to be safe In their caves free of judgment, Free of violence Free of danger And the sickness of society ills... Continue Reading →

Durstan’s Car Wash

He swore on his mother’s grave, but then he swore on just about everything. It was tiresome and tedious but Iris held on to her professional façade throughout their forty-five-minute session. He was the last client of the day and the biggest pain in the ass of her life. She couldn’t say that out loud... Continue Reading →


Please Donate to Keep Reading These Stories for Free "Surprises" Dedicated to Maria Katrina Words: Positive, Create, Love, Peace, Embrace   You place your hand on the door handle of the refrigerator in your best friend’s house like you usually do. However, she storms in and stops you. “Chris, don’t open the door. Just trust... Continue Reading →

The Feasting

Please Donate to Keep Reading These Stories For Free! Dedicated to Katherine Majowka Words: Umami, Schwa, Petrichor, Aglet, Tupperware She took the tupperware container out of the fridge and set it on the counter surveying the contents inside it. Smiling with satisfaction, Sandra set the table in her dining room and waited for her esteemed... Continue Reading →

A Return to Short Stories

So NaNoWriMo is almost over and I am unable to finish the second book Lanya Crow at this time. I hope you enjoyed Aeryin Crow, however. I will finish Lanya Crow in the near future. Still, it's time I return to writing short stories. Also, come 2018 some changes are going to be made to this... Continue Reading →

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