The Tale of Rolio Pentdragon

The air was damp and filled with the other smells of morning dew. However, human sweat intermingled as the clashing of steel against steel echoed through the forest. Beams of sunlight peaked its way through the leaves and branches bouncing off two figures fighting with swords. A light breeze penetrated through the forest as the stinging sound of clashing steel was only made stronger by each following strike. To an outsider the battle between the two figures looked like a fight to death.
The man with the violet hair proceeded to try and jab his weapon into his opponent, an older man with white hair. The man with white hair met his opponent’s attack with a parry and struck the violet haired man’s sword out of his grasp. Dropping to the ground, the sword let out a ker-thunk which echoed through the trees. The white haired man sighed and shook his head.
“Rolio! You’re better than this. You should have seen what I was about to do. Have you not been practicing?”
“I’m sorry, Kelin,” the violet haired man replied and looked down. “I’m out of it and have been distracted as of late.”
“There is never the assurance of a next time in this world,” Kelin snapped. “You have to be prepared for whatever comes at you. No one will show you mercy in the battlefield!”
“So be it!” Rolio snapped back as he clenched his fists and started shaking.
The white haired man sighed. Sheathing his sword into its brown leather scabbard, he walked over to Rolio.
“You clearly haven’t been yourself for a while. What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I don’t know why we practice dueling every day,” Rolio whined. “It’s just us. Only us. You’ve been like a father to me but I don’t know who my parents are and I want to see people. I want to explore and see new things.”
“I knew this day would come,” Kelin exhaled softly. “Come, Rolio. There is much I have to tell you. Fetch your sword. You’ll learn why you need it soon enough.”
The two men walked side by side through the woods. They came up to a log cabin and entered through the door. Inside the cabin there was an adjoining room with a bench containing feather pillows and a staircase that led to the annex that held two beds, one on each side of the room. In the top room there was a window on the ceiling.
“Your mother died bringing you here,” Kelin explained without preamble. “Her dying wish was that I would raise you as my own and I have. This is where your human side ends. I believe this will explain the rest.”
Rolio looked at him with disbelief but stayed silent. Kelin stuck his hand in his brown trouser pocket and pulled out a golden pendant. Rolio gulped and reached out for it. As soon the pendant touched his hand it began to glow. It opened up and a small hologram of a dragon appeared before both men. Instantly, the violet dragon transformed into a muscular man with violet hair and light purple skin. His wings wrapped around his broad shoulders and a tail whipped lightly behind him.
“My name is King Rekra of the dragon kingdom of Lehavo. If you are viewing this, than I am already in Yona, or even, Suka,” the man began speaking. “I regret not being alive to see the man you must be today, Rolio.”
Rolio’s eyes widened. His mouth agape he could nothing but continue to stare at the pendant in his outstretched hand and the hologram coming out of it. “Your mother was a human,” the man continued to speak. “And I, King Rekra, am your father. The kingdom was destroyed by someone with the name Hypnotania whom I discovered too late was the influence behind the Monkia tribes and the Nerbians who have sacked us on the Diaschrome night.” Rolio nearly fell out of his chair. “Diaschrome night…” He began but was cut short by the man speaking in the hologram.
“My adviser was a psychic who I should have trusted but due to his humanity, I thought he was very limited. The fact that he was also a warrior and the brother of your mother did nothing to help. If only I had listened your Uncle Kelin. Still, this is no time for past reminiscences,” The man continued on. “Rolio, my son, I must ask of this from you although it is not fair to you. Please, restore the dragon kingdom. Only you can. The mixture of blood between human and dragon that runs in your veins will be of great use to you in the battle to come…”
The image faltered and disappeared. The pendant began glowing white and Rolio dropped it to the floor with a jerk. He massaged his nearly burned hand and gazed upon the pendant now embedded into the floor, questions racing through his mind. Looking at Kelin, he blinked and couldn’t believe it.
“Y-you’re a psychic?” Rolio stammered.
“A warrior psychic,” Kelin answered and sighed. “And no, I have never read your mind. I wouldn’t do that to you.”
Rolio nodded and then shook his head. Puzzled he just sat there looking at the pendant wondering what to do now. His vision blurred and the world went black.
Waking up, Rolio sat up in his bed. He rubbed his head and ran a hand through his violet hair.
‘A dream,’ he thought. ‘Only a bad dream.’ Getting up, he walked downstairs and saw the pendant where it had burned into the floor.
“Oh no, it wasn’t a dream,” Rolio said aloud.
“Afraid not,” Kelin replied and handed Rolio his sword. Rolio took the sword and strapped it to his waist. He looked at Kelin.
“I don’t know what to do,” He said.
“I thought it would be obvious,” Kelin replied. “You need to reclaim your throne.”
“But if my mother was a human,” Rolio answered and looked around for any excuse not to look Kelin in his eyes. “That means I must have been a bastard. So how can I be royalty?” “Dragons have different honor systems than those of humans,” Kelin explained patiently and shrugged. “Besides if you really wanted to, you can turn your kingdom into a democracy once you get it back.”
Rolio thought about this for a moment. Looking around, like he was looking for some sort of answer, he looked at Kelin again.
“If I was going to fight for a “kingdom,” why the suka would I make it a democracy?” “Watch your tongue,” Kelin replied. “That is the human side of you speaking.” Rolio picked up one of Kelin’s old satchels and began packing it with items for his new journey. Kelin smiled.
“So, you are going to claim your kingdom back after all?”
Rolio shook his head as he continued to pack.
“I merely want to see what this place looks like,” Rolio answered. “And then I’ll decide if it’s worth saving or not.”
Kelin chuckled. Rolio looked at him sternly. He finished packing and picked up the satchel.
“You remind me of your mother sometimes,” Kelin explained. “Anyway, find the blue bars first and recruit people to your cause. But let no one know you are not a full blooded human.” “You’re not coming with me?” Rolio asked.
Kelin chuckled again. He shook his head, white hair flying all over the place.
“I have taught you everything I know about battle. That will help you in your journey,” Kelin explained. “However, I am much too old to go on anymore adventures. As much as I would love to join you, I long to retire and I would be more of a burden than an asset these days.”
“You wouldn’t be a burden to me,” Rolio said.
Kelin smiled. Walking over to Rolio, he hugged him close and Rolio returned the embrace.
“I raised you as if you were my own,” Kelin said, still hugging Rolio close to him. “Make me proud.”
“I will,” Rolio answered.
Kelin broke the embrace, and Rolio was just about to walk out the door.
“Wait,” Kelin said.
Rolio stopped and turned around to Kelin. The white haired man took something out of his other trouser pocket and handed it to the violet haired man. Rolio looked at it. It was another gold pendant but there was no hologram this time. Instead, he held a gold pendant with a key embedded inside it. Rolio looked up at Kelin.
“Keep it with you at all times,” Kelin said. “Once it is ready, you will know it’s use.”
Rolio rolled his eyes at his uncle’s riddle. He hugged him once more. After he broke the embrace, he placed the pendant around his neck and set out on this brand new journey.

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