My Devil Employer (Part 1)

Chapter One I never expected the devil to be a woman. Heck, I never expected there was an actual devil. I wasn’t religious in life, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to start now that I’m dead. Gazing upon the devil herself, I was aroused. She was smoking hot! I’m talking well-toned body, shoulder... Continue Reading →

Shit, I’m a Vampire!

“It was you!” Nikki covered her face with her cuffed hand held by metal chains. She was on her knees in the dark mausoleum. Looking up at the woman before her, she put her hand to her side and forced herself to look. The woman drank from a silver colored flask that was filled with... Continue Reading →

The Frog Key

It all started when I lost my keys. I had to backtrack on the trail in Center Moriches, Long Island. Knowing my luck, I probably lost them when I was wading through the beach at the end of the trail. I moved forward, shoving away the brush that I encountered as I walked. Gritting my... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of the Beast

The year was unknown. Inside a local pub, there were animal skulls on plaques placed along the far wall. Directly in front was a bar and the pub owner was behind the bar wiping a cup with a rag and then he tended to a customer. Two heroes sat in the pub drinking. One hero... Continue Reading →


 She woke up chained to a table. The light bulb hanging above her head glowed and fear was etched into her features. Above the hanging light bulb, wires ran rampant across the ceiling. Trying to get up she was rooted into a laying down position. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed with metal shackles.  Panic... Continue Reading →

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