Shit, I’m a Vampire!

“It was you!” Nikki covered her face with her cuffed hand held by metal chains.

She was on her knees in the dark mausoleum. Looking up at the woman before her, she put her hand to her side and forced herself to look. The woman drank from a silver colored flask that was filled with human blood.

“You never told me,” Nikki said, eyes now on the floor.

“Why should I have told you?” The woman replied as she took another sip, laughing.

Nikki looked back up at her. None of this made any sense.

“Why Rachel?” She asked. “Why me?”

Rachel sneered.

“Why not?” she replied. “Your articles were fascinating. Bashing paranormal romance, I had to see how you would take being in one.”

Eyes widening, Nikki couldn’t believe it. They had been together for a few years already and how could she not have seen the signs. Looking at Rachel’s half naked body she could see the unnatural pallor of her skin in contrast to her black bra and tight black leather pants.  The spiked leather collar around her neck just topped off the absurdity.

Nikki would have laughed had she not known that Rachel was behind the mass serial killings of her hometown. Each victim, she realized now was someone she had told Rachel about whenever they would reminisce on high school days. The victims were the ones that had bullied her about something or other.  Others were the ones she had dated and who left her when she became too busy with school or work. Rachel was different. She was always patient and loving, sometimes too patient.

Nikki continued to stare, dumbfounded at this newfound revelation. Placing her hands behind her back she began to fiddle with the metal cuffs around her wrist. Yes, this relationship was over!

“I had high hopes for you,” Rachel explained. “You could have been my lover for all eternity. Instead, you grovel at my feet begging me not to eat you. Pity, I could have used a companion, but I need someone with more courage.”

Nikki froze unsure of what to do. In a flash, Rachel was next to her, hugging her tightly. Feeling stupid, how could she not have noticed there had been no heart beat? No there was a heartbeat, she was sure of it but right now, there was nothing. How could she have fallen in love with someone who couldn’t possibly love her back? Resisting the urge to shake her head, she stayed still.

“Do you love me?” Rachel asked.

“Wh-what?” Nikki stammered.

“Do you love me?” Rachel repeated.

“I-I-,” Nikki couldn’t get the words out.

“No matter,” Rachel sighed.

She bit hard into Nikki’s jugular and Nikki knew nothing more.


Waking up in a fog, Nikki blinked, trying to gain her vision back. Rachel was holding her tightly. Was everything just a bad dream? Feeling Rachel’s mouth on her neck, Nikki wrapped her arms around her and then stopped. Something wasn’t right. Pleasure didn’t tingle through her this time around.

“Rachel,” Nikki muttered.

“It’s okay, Nikki,” Rachel said. “I’m here. Hold on to me.”

Nikki didn’t know what came over her, but she obeyed the request. Free from the cuffs, feeling like she should run away, she couldn’t move. All she could do was hold onto Rachel. Feeling warmth in her touch, confusion spread across Nikki’s face.

“I love you,” Nikki said in words that couldn’t have been her own though it was her lips that moved.

Rachel led Nikki out of the mausoleum and into a cemetery. The full moon was out and the tombstones and statues glimmered under the light. It was breathtaking if you were into that kind of thing. Nikki didn’t even shudder, her hand still clasped in Rachel’s.

Rachel had black wings sprout from her back. Entranced, Nikki couldn’t move and Rachel took them both up in the sky. They kissed, their bodies enter-twined together next to the moon. As they kissed, Nikki opened her eyes and saw Rachel for what she was. Rachel was a monster, a vampire with wings. She had small pointed horns hidden underneath her black hair.

Rachel broke the kiss and looked at Nikki. With a sly grin, she cupped the side of Nikki’s face.

“Wasn’t what you were expecting was it?” Rachel asked.


“You’re a vampire now,” Rachel explained.

“No,” Nikki said. “Vampires aren’t real!”

“Oh yes they are. You dated one for so long and now you’re one.”


“Yes,” Rachel said. “And you can be my lover for eternity.”

“You’re insane!”

“You don’t want to be with me?”

“Why would I want to be with someone who kidnapped me and killed me?”

“You’re not dead. You’re undead.”

Nikki looked at Rachel. Anger flashed through her. Throwing a punch, Rachel blocked it and caught Nikki’s fist in her hand.

“I made you this way,” Rachel said. “You can’t kill me that easily. Besides you’re going to have to do more than throw a punch.”

“I will kill you,” Nikki vowed.

“Now, now. Is that anyway to talk to your creator?” Rachel asked.

“You destroyed me,” Nikki replied.

“I made you better,” Rachel said.

In a flash, they were back inside the mausoleum. Nikki back in chains. Rachel was towering above her.

“I know you still love me,” Rachel said.

“Our relationship is over!” Nikki spat.

“Suit yourself. I’ll be back in a week. You’ll remember the love we share,” Rachel said and in a puff of smoke she was gone.

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