The Neoteric Quest Part Three

Chapter Three “That’s a relief,” Al agreed and held up his eye piece followed by looking through it towards the castle. “I’m surprised there are no guards.” He handed the eye piece to Elyse and she looked through it as well. Scoping out the entrance, she noted it mentally and closed the eyepiece. Handing it... Continue Reading →

The Neoteric Quest Part Two

Chapter Two “Prince Alvar will accompany you,” Titania told Elyse. “I really don’t think that’s necessary.” “Nonsense! You’re a long way from home and he knows the quickest way to that ancient book.” Elyse shrugged and accepted her fate. Holding to her resolution that Alvar was not to be trusted, she said nothing as he... Continue Reading →

Get Your Story Written!

Hello Dear Reader, I am really not sure if you are a faithful reader, if you're new, or if you are just browsing but before you leave, come check this out okay. I have this going on now, where if you give me a certain number of words, I will write a story out of... Continue Reading →

The Neoteric Quest Part One

Dedicated to Kat Fiorenza Chapter One She was six feet tall and born with bright orange hair that lasted into adulthood. Throughout the course of her life she had gained a tremendous amount of weight, due to emotional trauma in which she suppressed her rage by eating. Elyse had tried everything to succeed in life,... Continue Reading →

My Devil Employer (Part 3)

Chapter Three Usually people call others to do their dirty work for them. I’m talking about professional hitmen and people in that line of work. I was among their ranks but for a different reason, another sort of dirty work if you will. It was nothing to be proud of certainly but it was something... Continue Reading →

My Devil Employer (Part 2)

Chapter Two I returned to consciousness in a Long Island apartment. This perk was already amazing. I was on a couch and sat up. The living room wasn’t that bad looking. A couch, a tv, a normal set up for a middle-class apartment. Damn, wish I had this luck when I was alive. No matter.... Continue Reading →

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