My Devil Employer (Part 3)

Chapter Three

Usually people call others to do their dirty work for them. I’m talking about professional hitmen and people in that line of work. I was among their ranks but for a different reason, another sort of dirty work if you will. It was nothing to be proud of certainly but it was something I excelled at. Or at least, in the beginning of this career I excelled at it. Now I’m just exhausted.

For the past one hundred years, I have been working for the devil who turned out not only to be real, but also a woman. A hot woman at that, but not beautiful. This was someone you wanted to bed but not be in a relationship with. Boy did I try to get with her quite a few times but was unsuccessful. Then again, you really don’t have much sway when you are a breathing cadaver. Should I use the word ‘cadaver?’ I’m in a ‘borrowed body’ I guess you can say and without it I couldn’t perform any action. In a sense, I was hired as a slave upon my death. I got paid and even had a decent place, but I was still in a sense a slave to my employer. Now I seek eternal rest. I am hoping I can find it.

Picking up a new manila folder laying on my couch, I ripped open the contents and scanned it. Inside the document was another child rapist. I shook my head.

I headed to the known spot this child rapist would be in. To my surprise, all the other criminals I made stay alive where with him. I was used to gatherings like this every ten years or so but this was getting boring.

“You have done enough to us!” One of them shouted.

He was holding a pitchfork. Stifling a laugh, I couldn’t believe out of all the things he could be holding, he opted for a pitchfork. It was one hundred years into the future, so there were better weapons and ones not so obsolete, but he was one of the dumb ones. I looked through the mob, wondering if my sister had joined them. She hadn’t. Smart move! Sighing, I put my hands above my head in a surrender position.

“Come now,” I said. “You really think I can take you all out? Me? One lone woman?”

They all stared at each other. If I was just an observer to this scenario I would have laughed. This was so pathetic. Their leader, another man dressed in black, started running in my direction.


I waited for them to come. No matter what they did to me, I couldn’t die. Already I had exhausted every possible suicide option only to be brought back to life and reprimanded by the devil. Heck, she sometimes killed me herself whenever I tried to put the moves on her and then brought me back to life when I needed to do her dirty work. I did find that amusing for the first ten years but then grew sick of it.

Reminiscing wasn’t helping. I knocked out one guy with my fist and kicked the other one. They kept coming at me. Some were so slow and it took me a minute to realize I wasn’t watching slow motion. This was life or as close to a life I would ever have again. Throwing one guy over my shoulder, I punched another one in his gut. The guy with the pitchfork ran straight for me and I grabbed his pitchfork and stabbed him with it. That will show him. Making quick work of the rest of the mob, I stood still once my victory was accomplished. I proceeded to stab each of them again with my katana, bringing them back to life. After all, I couldn’t just let them die. That wasn’t in my contract and these idiots deserved everything they got. Of course, the rapist I had to pursue got away in the commotion. Damn it!

Memorizing the file, I knew another spot he would be at. Calmly I walked to the next location. This was turning out to be a bad day and I just wanted some peace. Was that so hard to ask? This time I was in Bellport and the devil might as well have made me go after everyone. Even in the past one hundred years, this place was never built up. It’s exactly the way it was back in 2017, a disaster. I walked along South Country road towards Station road. Once I got up the library, I knew I would find my rapist. Bastard! The worst part was no one knew his crimes and he was a librarian.

Finding a close cropped brunette man, I knew I found my prey. But how to get him out of the library and into the back alley away from where the children would normally hang out? This was proving to be my toughest case yet.

I waited at the side of the library until night, carefully hidden behind a bush, after I dismantled the two guardbots. Children would play in this spot and this rapist would be attracted to them. Nightfall approached and my man, should I really call this person a man or even a person, walked out, with a pissed off look. Guess he didn’t succeed in his rotten endeavor. I was thankful no one was around. I had waited until closing time and he was the last to leave.

Grabbing him from behind, I quickly shut him up and pinned him to the ground. He was strong and we struggled for a while. Fearing I would be caught and having no prospects to guide me, for I was not a person with a bachelor’s or any form of higher education, I quickly stabbed him with the katana. I didn’t bother watching the clarity come over his face, instead I hightailed it out of there.

Back at my apartment I had another manila folder waiting for me. I let it sit and proceeded to lay on the couch, thinking. What else could I have done? An image of the devil appeared before my eyes and I stifled a groan.

“You have a new assignment.”

“I can’t even take one lousy break?”

“This specific job is important.”

“You say that about each job.”

“I’ll give you five minutes but you better get back to work.”


She vanished in an instant. Still laying down on the couch, I opened the manila envelope. Eyes widening, I sat up in disbelief. Was she kidding me? How the hell was I supposed to find an archangel? The archangel Raphael? Not just an archangel but a fallen archangel? My mind wondered.

‘Maybe I can get my eternal slumber?’

Smiling to myself, I burned the contents of the envelope and went on my quest. New York City I had to go to and how original was that? Ha, how the heck was I going to find this prey in a city that big and where everyone was weird and had their quirks and then some? An invitation materialized before me and I took it. Of course, the devil would think this part through.

In New York City, you could now wear a trench coat once again so I was relieved about that. I couldn’t think of any other way to hide my giant katana. I found my way to Funkadelic Studios and I couldn’t believe it was still standing. Was I chasing a fallen archangel with a singing complex? It would be quite ironic for Raphael to be doing that. My mind was open to every possibility however.

I walked inside one of the studio rooms and it was glowing. The man in front of me was beautiful. I’m guessing this was Raphael since no other man was able to make me blush like that. He played a flute and I couldn’t bring myself to harm him. Could I have harmed him even if I wanted to?

“Dana,” he said but it wasn’t a question.

“You know why I’m here,” I replied though it seemed quite meaningless now.

He nodded and stopped playing his flute. Following this action, he extended his hand before me as if letting me know to take it. Before I  realized what I was doing I took his hand and stood next to him.

“You don’t have to attack me Dana.”

“It’s in my job description.”

“Why not join me?”

“To do what?”

“Become my lover.”

“I’m gay.”

“So? I can turn into a woman or man at will.”

“This is ridiculous,” I said and put my hand on my katana.

“Do you desire death so much?”

“I’m already dead.”

“I can give you a new life.”

I thought about this for a moment and then I realized what that would entail. No deal. This was a fallen archangel after all, so he probably couldn’t be trusted. I kept my hand on my katana and wished I had read some paranormal romance novels so I can figure out what to do next. I smirked.

“Have you changed your mind?”

“No, I’m going to do my original job.”

“Suit yourself then. But why don’t we change location?”

Smoke appeared before me and we were in a hazy area. I couldn’t get my bearings, I was dizzy. Once the spell of dizziness stopped, I saw we were on a rainbow bridge. How many more clichés can come to life before my eyes? I looked up at Raphael. He was three feet in the air with his broken wings extended.

“You have one more chance to stop this foolishness.”

“No deal!”

I ran towards him and took out my katana. I was hoping he would provide me with eternal slumber. Yes, he would be a great key for that or so I hoped. However, I wasn’t going down without one last fight.

(The End) (Look for a new story next week.)

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