The Owl Pendant

Author’s Note: Names and places are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real places or real people is purely coincidental. This applies to all my stories but needs to be said due to the nature of the following story.

Dedicated to Christy Hall

Words: Buffet, Behead, Prediction, Metallic

You are overweight so naturally, you would be at a Chinese buffet gorging yourself on limitless plates of food. It is a fat person’s heaven. This is what you think to yourself, but you know you will never have more than two plates of food at any buffet, no matter how good it was.

You’ve been dieting or trying to and your date wanted to meet here. You didn’t mind. Not many people would want to date an overweight lesbian woman in her late thirties so you’ll take any attention you can get.  Of course, there were still limits to your affection but the woman sitting across the table from you, met every challenge. She seemed fit, though you knew it was just her metabolism, something you wish you had but didn’t. She stuck a forkful of crab rangoon in her mouth and you stare into oblivion for a bit, thinking of how much you would like to be fit. Your date misinterprets this.

“Would you like some?” She says to you and stabs at another crab rangoon on her plate.

“No, it’s alright,” You reply and she shrugs and eats it.

You continue to eat your own food, a salad from the salad bar, but you eat it slowly. Your partner eats more than you but she never seems to gain a pound. Sometimes you wonder why she even stays with you but you have been together for years, even before you gained the weight. It certainly was fitting to say that your partner saw past physical appearances. You smile and your partner smiles back at you.

“I have something for you,” she tells you.

“Oh,” you say, surprised.

“Yes,” she chuckles and uses her hand to pull a strand of dirty blond hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear.

“I can’t wait,” you reply and when it is obvious you are both done with your meals you pick up the tab.

Upon leaving, your partner holds your hand and smiles at you. You can’t help but smile back and kiss the top of her head. You are a few inches taller than she is.

Getting into the driver’s seat, you start the car, after she buckles up in the passenger’s side.

“Lily,” she says and you grunt to let her know you are listening.

You come up to a red light.

“We forgot to look at our fortunes,” she says.

You raise an eyebrow at this. It is usually tradition for you two to open your fortunes before leaving. The light turns green and you push the car forward.

“We will look when we get home,” You say. “I assume you took them.”

“Yes,” she replies and stays silent the rest of the ride home.


Back at your shared apartment, you both walk in. Your partner throws her arms around you and kisses you. You like this part and kiss her back. Then something inside you reminds you of the fortunes.

“Kit?” You say, your nickname for her.

“The fortunes,” she replies and takes them out of her purse.

You both open your fortunes. She reads hers first. A standard one it is.

“Today is the day to show someone you care,” she reads, pockets the fortune, and kisses you tenderly on the lips. “Come on, it’s your turn now.”

You don’t want the kiss to stop but you have all the time in the world. You smile at Kit and pull the cookie apart. You hate the taste of fortune cookies so you throw the cookie in the trash and read the fortune. Your heart sinks.

“Someone you love dearly will die soon,” You read and look at your partner who is also shocked.

“That can’t be right,” Kit says. “Let me see.”

You hand her the fortune and she reads it, her eyes widening in fear. She shakes it off. After she throws the fortune in the trash, she turns to you.

“It’s just a stupid fortune. Maybe someone wanted to play a prank and we got the wrong cookie,” she says to you and keeps smiling.

You smile back but in the back of your mind and in your gut, something is telling you to take the prediction to heart. For now, you follow Kit into the bedroom. She takes out a small metallic looking box that fits in the palm of her hand and then hands it to you.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for some time,” Kit smiles and you take the box from her.

You open the box carefully and see a gold owl pendant with a gold chain. You are curious about this and look at her waiting for an explanation.

“My way of asking you to marry me,” she says. “I can’t be traditional and the owl is your favorite animal.”

You exude joy at the non-traditional proposal and hug your partner close to you. You are happy and you kiss her. The fortune cookie’s prediction is forgotten as the night fades while you are spending quality time with your partner.


The next morning, you wake up to your partner snuggled into you. A daily ritual as you slowly get out from under her to answer nature’s call. You get ready for work. Your partner does not have to wake up for another two hours.

You come up to a red light and ahead of you is a traffic jam.

“Damn it,” you say and put the hands-free phone port on in your car.

You call your job and using one hand you finger the owl pendant around your neck.

“Hey this is Lily. I’ll be late. I’m sitting in a traffic jam right now.”

After you go through these motions and hang up the phone, you wait for the road to clear. Sighing, as you drive by, you see a teenager getting reprimanded by an officer. Thinking nothing of it, you report to work.

After your shift is over, you drive home. It’s like normal only this time a sense of foreboding is in your gut and you think of the fortune cookie’s prediction. You shake your head. Kit’s comment towards it was right, it was only a silly fortune.

At home, you hug Kit tightly and she returns the embrace. Before leaving your arms, she looks up at you.

“Is everything alright?” She asks.

“Yes,” you reply quickly and hug her tightly again.

You kiss her lightly on the neck and then walk away. You want to be by yourself for a bit. Kit who is accustomed to this, leaves you be.  Later, you walk into the living room and sit down next to your partner on the couch. She leans on your shoulder and reads a book as you watch a movie.

Kit put her book down, always a fast reader and gets up. She looks at you and you stay seated.

“Let’s go out tonight again,” she says.

“Can’t we just stay home for tonight? We went out last night,” You explain and know that you won’t win in this.

“It will be my treat this time,” Kit pleads.

“Can we afford it?” You say and think about the monthly bills.

“Yes, we aren’t going too far,” Kit replies. “I’m driving.”

You get up and follow her to the car. She hasn’t told you were she was taking you but you already know that Kit gets into random moods and the best thing to do is just go with the flow.

She drives up to a local state park, the park you had your first date in and you wonder if you’re forgetting something important. Kit reassures you that you’re not and you both walk into the park, hand in hand.

You both lose track of time and it is getting late. Finally, you both notice it’s dark out. Kit looks at you with an evil grin and you shake your head. You’re not doing what you think she wants, not here, not now. She shrugs and the moment passes. The night continues and you think you two should probably head back to the car. Kit agrees with you.

In the car, Kit is driving again. You don’t mind. She insists on taking the long way home and you are okay with that. You put a hand on her leg and she places one of her hands over yours as she continues to drive with her other hand. She lightly squeezes your hand.

She stops suddenly and you both jerk forward protected by the seatbelts you are both wearing. Catching your breath, you wonder what is happening and look forward. You’re behind a truck with loose logs not properly secured. Reminded of a horror movie, you breathe deeply trying not to panic. Kit tries to get distance from the truck. She succeeds or so you think, and then a car crashes into you from behind. You feel pain and before you can scream everything turns black.



One person was killed Tuesday evening and four people were severely injured in a car crash in Syosset, Long Island.

Nassau County Police said, Daniel Carbonne, 22, of Babylon, was driving his 2003, green Chevy Buick while drunk, on the LIE around 10:30 p.m. when he rear-ended into a silver Toyota Prius.

Bruce Malcom, 31, of Seaford, was driving his 2010, pickup truck, in which he had logs not properly secured in the bed of his truck. Upon the crash, the logs were scattered along the major highway, and Bruce was seriously injured.

Katherine (Kit) Montague, the driver of the silver Toyota Prius suffered major injuries and her domestic partner, Lily Thompson was beheaded by a car part that malfunctioned. Lily was pronounced dead at the scene.



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