NaNoWriMo Chapter Two (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: This book originally sucked! It has had so many revisions and was used in a college class I once took and was picked up by a publisher but I never finished writing it in time. Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and lavish praise is always appreciated. Bonus and lots of hugs and wine and maybe kisses ( if you want them) if you bring me a book I never read before and a romantic comedy movie. Special perk for a bottle of champagne. LOL)

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Chapter Two

Lanya shook her naturally violet hair as she stepped out of the shower and into the air dryer. Once dry, she stepped onto the bathroom floor. Looking in the mirror she combed her hair, looked at her own violet eyes and sighed. She looked at her small data cube sitting next to the sink faucet and thought better of it. If she thought of her wife, she wouldn’t be able to face what her daily day consisted of and she didn’t need the tears right now to hold her back.

Thankfully, she could seal her memories away with her mental power, a weak power on her home planet but it served well against humans. The Platerra Space Fleet had found her and healed her wounds. They had thought they revived her but she had taken an elixir to fake her own death so that Aeryin could escape. Although her wife Aeryin claimed she was no good at psi-optics Lanya noticed that the human was only holding herself back for some reason but she had to learn that on her own.

A small smile crossed her lips. The Platerra Space Fleet could torture her all they wanted but she would never acquiesce.

She quickly dressed in the black and white uniform of a captive. Once she left her room, she was escorted by two people dressed in the navy-blue uniforms of the Platerra Space Fleet. They escorted her down the metallic hallway of the ship to the bridge, where she would face the current Captain. The title Aeryin would have had, if she only had the strength to say no when she proposed. Swallowing back guilt, she faced him and braced herself.

“Have any news for me today, Jitokan,” the captain stated.

The Captain was powerfully built. Blue eyes sparkled and his blond crew cut glistened in the fluorescent lighting. If it was a different life Lanya could possibly see being attracted to him, but his personality overshadowed his physical attractiveness. If your personality didn’t match up then your looks meant nothing in Lanya’s mind.

“Please, I have told you everything I know,” Lanya said meekly.

“Aeryin Crow is still out there. You reveal her to us, and you could have your freedom back. I’m sure you don’t want to be a prisoner anymore so why are you still holding out for a woman that doesn’t love you.”

Lanya didn’t respond. If Aeryin didn’t love her, they both wouldn’t be in this mess. She had no idea where she was or if she was even still alive. Resisting the urge to gulp, she looked into the Captain’s eyes.

“I told you all I know,” Lanya repeated.

The Captain stared at her and rage filled his eyes. Lanya shivered involuntarily. The man shook his head.

“Such a waste,” he said coldly, “take her back to her room. I’ll deal with her later.”

The same men from earlier escorted her back to her room. She asked no questions and neither did they. Once she was back in her room, she let out a breath as she looked out the window, into space.

Walking back into the bathroom she picked up the data cube from the sink and walked into the living area. She took a seat on the cushioned bench that protruded from the wall of the ship. Looking at the data cube held between her thumb and forefinger, she tapped it on. It displayed a hologram of her and Aeryin on Lanya’s home planet, Jitoku. She smiled thinking Aeryin looked goofy in her monsuke which was completed with black hakama, the men’s formal kimono on her home planet. In the picture, Aeryin was giving her a piggy back ride in one of the nature trails. Closing her eyes, she remembered that day, as if it were yesterday.


“Lanya,” Aeryin called out as she ran up the cobble walkway leading to the bath house.

“Aeryin,” Lanya cried and threw her arms around her.

As Lanya hugged her, Aeryin returned the embrace and they shared a passionate kiss. Lanya smiled as Aeryin ran her fingers through her purple hair.

“Shouldn’t you be with your platoon?”

“And miss time with you? I don’t think so,” Aeryin joked. “Besides, today is my platoon’s first day off. We resume active duty in seven days. I want to take you somewhere.”

“You can do that as Sergeant?”

“Being in space for a long time, I’m sure my platoon can use the break and the Captain allowed it. Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” Lanya answered and playfully pushed at Aeryin’s shoulder.

Aeryin motioned for her to jump on her back. Lanya did and it certainly wasn’t an easy feat considering her own kimono, filled with so many layers, and Aeryin walked towards a secluded beach area. Before letting Lanya jump down, Aeryin took out her data cube and had it snap a picture of them. “Lanya,” Aeryin said, “I have to leave soon.”

“You’re leaving me?”

“I can probably be killed for just being with you.”

“I never loved the Empress,” Lanya cried and hugged Aeryin tightly as she started to sob.

Aeryin held her and rubbed her back.

“Then why did you choose to be a lady in waiting?”

“I still love her but not the way I love you,” Lanya said and held Aeryin tighter.

“Will she let you be with me?”


“Will she let you be with me? Marry me, Lanya. Be with me,” Aeryin asked.

“I don’t know if I can,” Lanya replied and looked down.

“Think on it, but I have to leave soon. After my platoon’s holiday, we have to report back to command.”

“I would have to get permission from my Empress.”

“If your Empress truly values you, she’ll let you decide.”

“It’s not as easy as that. Believe me, I wish it was.” Lanya sighed heavily. “Just being here, like this, in your arms, can have me exiled, since you are not part of the court.”

Aeryin placed her arms next to her sides and stepped back from Lanya. Pain shot across her facial features and she quickly masked the emotion. “It seems totally unfair, but then again life is never fair.”

“It certainly isn’t.”

“Why not just leave with me then? You never have to come back here again, if you don’t want to.”

“It is frustrating with the court, since they obsess over looks and things like that. However, the artistry is worth it,” Lanya explained and looked up at Aeryin once more.

“True… I love your writing, you know that Lanya. Your art too, but I don’t think you belong here.”

“I belong with you?” Lanya asked lifting her eyebrows.

“I’m not the one who said it,” Aeryin chuckled softly.

“Let me ask permission to leave at least,” Lanya repeated and looked down.

“Okay, let me know how it goes,” Aeryin replied and placed her hand on Lanya’s shoulder.

“If it goes well, I will be with you. If not, I will die,” Lanya said with an emphasis on the last word.

“That seems extremely uncivilized,” Aeryin replied masking her own shock.

“That’s not for you to decide,” Lanya sighed again.

Aeryin nodded, “People who play favorites are annoying. However, in this case I feel it is beneficial.”

“It is human nature. We all do it,” Lanya said and looked back up at Aeryin.

“But Lanya, you aren’t human,” Aeryin said and Lanya flinched.

“We both are capable of love and other emotions you consider ‘human.’”

“Yes, you are right. Are you the only lady in waiting?”

“As of right now, yes.”

“I will be heartbroken if anything happens to you,” Aeryin replied and looked into Lanya’s violet eyes.

“Do you let anyone else see this softer side of yours or is it just me?”

“I love you, Lanya. Against my own better judgment, I do,” Aeryin said and hugged Lanya tightly.


Lanya sighed again. She shook the thoughts and memories away and placed the data cube next to her. The Empress did agree to let her go on account that she write manuscripts on humans and ship them back to Jitoku. The memories were painful and Lanya swallowed back a wave of tears that threatened to come out. Somehow, she had to figure out where Aeryin was and get to her first without the fleet knowing, and escape this ship. The only lingering question on her mind was ‘How?’

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