NaNoWriMo Chapter Four (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and lavish praise is always appreciated. Bonus and lots of hugs if you bring me a really comfy and warm Legend of Zelda blanket, a comfy rainbow body pillow, and a Starbucks Hot Chocolate. Perks for a really good hot chocolate from a local mom and pop shop however! LOL (Yes, this is a running gig. I really shouldn’t have to spell that out.)

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Chapter Four

Lanya was sitting on the couch in her quarters speaking into her black audiojournal when a Platteran Guard entered. Lanya quickly tapped a button, pocketed it, and stood up. The woman that entered looked her up and down. She did her best not to notice and looked at what she was holding. It was a clothing box and Lanya shuddered.

“The Captain wishes for you to join him for dinner this evening,” the woman said and held out the box.

“What choice do I have?” Lanya asked.

She took the box from the guard. She stood there momentarily.

“Dinner will be at 1800,” the guard explained “I will come to escort you then.”

After she left, Lanya shook her head. Placing the box on the couch, she opened it, and found a blue evening gown. Disgusted that the Captain would even try to do something like this, she wanted nothing more than to slap him and show him a taste of his own medicine. Sighing, she knew she couldn’t do that even if she tried. Knowing that she was being led to her death, she still hadn’t been able to come up with an escape plan. Last time it was easier to commandeer a ship since she had allies; this time, she was alone.

Lanya sat on the floor, cross legged. Placing her hands on her knees, she closed her eyes and did what she had not done for a long time and meditated. As she was meditating, still in the same position her body hovered two feet off the floor. Through the deep recesses of her mind, she entered through each possible scenario of escaping the ship and finding Aeryin. Her powers in this area, being extremely weak, she tried anyway out of desperation but soon she fell to the floor powerless. Sighing at her failure she stood up and looked at the gown. Lanya refused to change into it. She being a prisoner, she would not let that jerk of a Captain forget it.

At 1800, on cue the guard came back to Lanya’s quarters. She looked at Lanya impassively.

Trying to match the impassive stare and being unable to, Lanya quickly looked away.

“I see you aren’t ready,” the guard said.

Lanya ignored her. The guard waited for Lanya to pass her into the hallway. Lanya did and the soldier was behind her as the sliding door to her quarters shut behind them. As they walked down the hallway, Lanya observed. It was the same basic ship hallway and there was nothing she could use as leverage for escape. She thought perhaps she wouldn’t ever escape the situation but quickly snapped out of that frame of mind. ‘I have to have hope,’ she thought.

They walked up to a metallic double sliding door. The symbol on the door was a bird that Lanya remembered was an eagle standing on top of the planet of Platerra, what the humans called Second Earth. She sometimes wondered what happened to the first Earth but Aeryin wouldn’t speak of it and Lanya left it alone. The guard tapped a keycode on the scan pad next to the door and touched her finger on it. The door immediately slid open after that and they walked into the Captain’s own quarters. It was a spartan set up. Nothing to say the Captain had any personality and the only thing in direct view was a round table that had a pitcher of water and two cups. Only two chairs were placed at the table. Lanya hid a look of disgust.

Walking inside, the Captain was waiting for them, dressed in his formal navy-blue uniform. The guard stood at attention waiting for the Captain’s orders.

“At ease,” he said on cue. “You may take your leave.”

The guard nodded. She walked out of the room and Lanya was left to her fate. The Captain grimaced when he looked at her.

“Did no one give you the gown?”

“I refuse to wear it,” Lanya replied.

“A prisoner should cooperate when given a task.”

“A captain should never forget when he has a prisoner on board.”

“Your defiance is sickening, Jitokan.”

“Your actions don’t make you worthy of your titles, human,” Lanya said gritting her teeth.

“How dare you speak to me that way,” The Captain snapped.

He picked up the water pitcher and chucked it at Lanya. Putting her arms up in front of her face to shield herself from the impact, it did nothing to stop what happened next. Light purple fins protruded from her elbows and the Captain stared mesmerized. Eyes widening, Lanya backed away slowly and then frantically searched for a way out. The Captain rushed towards Lanya and grabbed her by the back of the neck, where her gills were located.

“What the-” the Captain snapped and dragged Lanya into the bathtub and soaked her with water.

Screaming, Lanya batted her now webbed hands against the Captain’s chest and kicked with her legs which had also sprouted light purple fins, her feet also webbed and breaking out of her boots.

“So you’re a fish, that can pass for a human,” the Captain said not masking his disgust.

Lanya kept fighting against the Captain and screaming. However, the Captain just stood over her pushing her down in the bathtub. Lanya’s skin color began changing from its light tone to a light violet almost matching her violet hair. Eventually Lanya stopped fighting and looked up at the Captain.

“This the true from of your race?”

Lanya stayed silent and averted the Captain’s gaze, her body now a complete light purple. Her gills exaggerated. Her legs and arms with fins and her hands and feet webbed. She could have passed for a costuming human with body paint and artificial extensions but the difference was the physiology. She could breathe underwater and swim faster than most on her home planet. Her current physical appearance she had been trying to hide. Both forms were true to her race although many humans would not grasp the concept. Ironically, it was why these Platerrans confused her race for a lost colony of humans to begin with.

“Answer me, Jitokan,” The Captain demanded.

“Go to Suka,” Lanya replied.

The Captain laughed. He released Lanya and she sat there, cold, wet, and afraid for her life. She waited for what he would do next. Surprisingly, he shook his head sympathetically.

“You really think Aeryin could love someone like you don’t you?”

“Why are you keeping me here? I have no idea where Aeryin is,” Lanya said with desperation. “I don’t even know if she’s alive!”

“It is clear you are the link to her,” the Captain replied steadily “Dead or alive, we need a body and since you are alive so is she.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That’s none of your business, Jitokan. You will be moved to a new cell.”

Lanya gulped. Deep down in her heart she knew Aeryin was still alive. Yet, she was failing to escape and now her only available weapon was known. Not that being able to breathe and live completely submerged underwater would be any help in space, but there was another thing if only she had the ability to use it. Instead, that power was weak and she had no idea what would happen now.

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