NaNoWriMo Chapter Seven (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated. Special perk if you bring me a core organic bottle of watermelon lemonade beverage. LOL

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Chapter Seven

Stretching and practicing throwing punches along with kicking, Aeryin faced Samanthra.

“So what now?” She asked as she folded her arm over her head and put her other arm over that arm completing the stretch.

“We wait,” Samanthra said as she faced the terminal in the lab.

She tapped a few buttons and a holoprojector appeared. On the holoprojector, a view of Bravra’s head appeared on the screen. Aeryin grimaced.

“Is that damn Platerran ready yet?” Bravra demanded.

“Yes,” replied Samanthra “She is functional.”

“Interesting. Send it to the coliseum deck.”

“With all due respect, the coliseum deck shouldn’t be used like that,” Samanthra said waving her arms for emphasis. “You’re better off waiting until we dock on another planet.”

“Do you defy me Apis!? You’re only still alive because I need your science. Don’t make me regret not killing you.”

After that, the transmission ended. Samanthra pressed a few more buttons and the holo projector screen disappeared. Sighing, she looked at Aeryin and pulled two purple pills out of her pocket.

“This is the part, where you go to the coliseum deck, my ship possibly gets destroyed,” Samanthra stated holding out the two pills in front of her waiting for Aeryin to pick up on the cue. “…and you possibly die, unless you take these.”

“That’s really comforting,” Aeryin replied lifting an eyebrow.

“If you don’t take the pills we can’t get off this ship. Knowing Bravra she already sent those men of hers to come fetch you.”

“I’m not taking drugs,” Aeryin replied and hugged her arms to her chest. She thought about the last time she was under the influence. It was when Lanya and her had succeeded in commandeering the starship from Platerra Space Fleet and she downed Naked Cowboy Mead as if it were water and took pills that were supposed to have helped her counteract the effects of the mead.


Aeryin breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at her wife Lanya. The purple haired woman smiled back at her and shared a quick peck on her lips. Aeryin still couldn’t believe she turned out to be a pirate captain, but a captain nevertheless.

Their ship was huge and they escaped detection for a long time. It was funny considering it was a Platerra Space Fleet ship. Well, Lanya had broken her out of prison. At the moment, both of them were lying on their bed, Aeryin on her back, hands under her head. Lanya curled up next to her on the brink of falling asleep. Letting out a breath of relief, Aeryin was happy they were together again. She placed one of her arms around Lanya and stroked the woman’s hair.

“Aeryin? Where do you want to go from here?” Lanya asked.

“I haven’t thought about it,” Aeryin replied still stroking Lanya’s violet hair “It doesn’t matter to me as long as we’re together.”

Lanya laughed. She moved herself and lied on top of Aeryin. Lifting an eyebrow, Aeryin looked at Lanya and grinned.

“I can take you somewhere, that doesn’t require a starship, and you’ll be right with me,” Lanya said and winked.

“Oh really, I look forward to that,” Aeryin said and winked back.

Lanya kissed Aeryin again. Wrapping her arms around Lanya, Aeryin melted into her returning the kiss. Just as things were about to get heavy, their crew came through the sliding doors of their chamber.

“I thought I locked that,” Aeryin said and Lanya laughed.

Getting off of Aeryin, Lanya chuckled and looked at their mishap of a crew which consisted of some Jitokans and some humans. One of their crew, a pilot named Stan who had a bubbly personality spoke up.

“Aeryin, we never did see your wedding, come have a party with us.”

“Captain Crow, you always told me you wanted to lead by example and your crew wants to have fun with you,” Lanya said and playfully punched Aeryin’s side.

“Okay, okay,” Aeryin said and got up. They walked out onto the deck of the ship and Aeryin eyes widened.  Her crew threw her a makeshift party. There was liquor everywhere and someone was attempting to play dj. Smiling, she looked at Lanya.

“You had a hand in this didn’t you? Honestly, I’d rather have went where you were just about to take me.”

Lanya shrugged and walked away from her. She picked up a glass of Naked Cowboy Mead and drank it. Aeryin followed Lanya and picked up a glass for herself. Downing it, she picked up another one before Lanya could blink.

“Hey, take these,” said Stan “They’ll help with the major hang over you’ll have soon.”

He handed her a set of blue pills and Aeryin downed those as well. Before she knew it, she was in the bottom levels of the ship.  The bottom levels were a series of metallic hallways with lights all around. Speakers were placed in convenient places and buttons at resourceful areas to make any communications to the bridge. A wave of dizziness and nausea overcame her.

‘How much did I drink?’ She thought.

Leaning against the wall of the ship, she tried to orient herself. One minute there was a party and the next, she had no idea where she was. As she walked forward, right as she was about to walk into a switch, Lanya pulled her away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Lanya hissed.

Aeryin murmured something incoherent. Lanya led her away and back to their bedroom.


Her judgment being so impaired that if Lanya hadn’t been around she would have accidentally destroyed the airlock and would have become a floating stiff. Shuddering at the memory and wondering why she had been so stupid, she swore to herself never to drink or take drugs for that matter ever again.

“You’re a pirate that’s against drugs?”

“Wasn’t always a pirate. And aside from that, you didn’t even tell me the effects of these and what they are supposed to do. Also, why do you have a coliseum deck on your ship?”

“Enlighten me. How did you become one?”

“Tell me what the pills are supposed to do,” Aeryin replied impatient.

“If you don’t take these now, you’ll end up as mincemeat and we’ll never escape this ship. These pills are supposed to increase your strength and speed in order to give you a fighting chance against what you’ll be facing on the coliseum deck.”

“And exactly what should I be expecting?”

Samanthra sighed and took out her infosphere. She tapped a few more buttons and a hologram list appeared before her. Aeryin gulped as she looked at the stats noticing she was the only human on the roster.

Aeryin sighed. “Fine. Give them to me and I need a drink to wash these down.”

Samanthra pulled out a flask and handed it to Aeryin.

“Naked Cowboy Mead?” Aeryin asked as she lifted an eyebrow in disapproval and took the flask from one of Samanthra’s outstretched fuzzy black hands.

“You said you needed a drink,” Samanthra answered and shrugged.

Aeryin swallowed the pills and chased it down with the mead which she then handed back to Samanthra. A burst of energy shot through her and she stood there letting the immediate high from the pills overtake her. She started doing jumping jacks just to spend the energy.

“Stop that,” Samanthra said with disgust. “You’ll need all your energy on the coliseum deck.”

Aeryin stopped, running her fingers through her hair in confusion. As she opened her mouth to speak, the two reptilian men holding lasospears and dressed in togas appeared before the electronic door. Standing side by side, tails swaying a bit, they looked at Aeryin.

“This way, human,” one snarled and motioned with his hand for Aeryin to follow him through the doors.

“No funny stuff.” the other said in unison.

Aeryin bowed before them and followed them out the door. Samanthra gulped upon the closing of the electronic door.

“Please don’t screw this up, Aeryin.” She said to herself and took three huge gulps from her flask.

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