NaNoWriMo Chapter Eight (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated. Special perk if you bring me a fuzzy and  warm rainbow blanket. LOL

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Chapter Eight

Lanya waited, still in her watery prison. A lieutenant walked in and pressed a button on the side of her tube. The water she was in shot upwards and became trapped. The tube opened and she was able to step out. Drenched and still naked, she wrapped her arms around herself. Her skin still purple and she was unable to get back to her human form for the time being. The lieutenant handed her a towel and she wrapped herself in it, thankful that one person had some common decency.

“This way,” the lieutenant said and pointed in front of her. “Just keep going straight.”

Lanya walked in the direction the woman pointed. Eventually, they came up to a blank metallic door. It slid open and they walked inside. Lanya involuntarily shuddered. Inside the room was a clothing unit and the rest of the room was bare. Standing next to the unit was the Captain.

“I have a special outfit for you,” the Captain said.

Lanya didn’t respond. She waited for whatever would happen next. The lieutenant stood next to her. Lanya recognized her as one of the guards that had escorted her earlier from her original prison. Somehow, she felt like this person looked familiar but she couldn’t place her.

The lieutenant tapped a code into the clothing unit and it opened a drawer. Picking up the clothing she handed it to Lanya. It was a black form fitting space suit and a black hooded robe. Lanya looked at the clothing and at the Captain. The Captain only grinned in response.

‘Sick creep,’ she thought.

“You can change behind here,” the lieutenant said and pointed behind the clothing unit.

Lanya walked behind it and the lieutenant followed. She stood in front of Lanya. Normally Lanya would have said something but due to already being naked in a tube for who knew how long but she let it go and dressed herself.

Bracing herself, she walked back around the unit to face the Captain. She began wishing she was stronger like she usually did. The lieutenant was beside her and they both faced the Captain.

“Lieutenant Sandra will get you equipped. She’s good at commandeering starships but I’m sure you won’t need much help considering your past, Jitokan,” The Captain said and looked Lanya up and down.

Lanya hid her look of disgust once more. This Captain was something else entirely. She would have to find a way to escape quickly and she was starting to form an idea in her mind but she kept that sealed from him.

“We are on planet Neyo and so is the Apis’ ship. Your mission is to kill Aeryin Crow. After, you’ll be granted your freedom.”

Lanya just stared at him. She knew the only thing that waited for her was death, whether she killed Aeryin or not. She couldn’t believe that this was the turn of events.

“Lieutenant Sandra will advise you in the use of our weapons. Understood?”

Lanya nodded. She didn’t want to say anything. Let these humans think she couldn’t speak in this form. The Captain walked out and she was left with the Lieutenant.

The woman led her into another room. Another unit was inside and she pulled out a handgun. She motioned for Lanya to follow her and the Jitokan did. Walking down another long hallway they came to a transporter.

“Step on here, and we’ll be transported planet side,” Lieutenant Sandra said.

Lanya gulped and stepped into the transporter and the other woman stood next to her. A bunch of particles appeared before her eyes and she couldn’t make sense of it. For a moment, she couldn’t breathe and then suddenly she was standing in fresh air in the space port, a dock for starships.

Around her, was placed a bunch of buildings with shops. The shops consisted mainly of selling parts for starships, refueling stations, and some entertainment areas. She could see flying cars in the distance and the people, extremely diverse in their races. She certainly wouldn’t be an outcast here. Still, she left her hood on and kept herself hidden.

“This way,” the lieutenant said and Lanya followed her.

Once inside a rundown building, the lieutenant faced her. For a brief moment, Lanya looked at her and thought she looked familiar. It couldn’t be though, could it?

“I’m surprised you haven’t managed to escape,” Sandra said.

Shock spread quickly across Lanya’s face. She looked at Sandra. Realization hit her. Sandra was actually Sara, a distant cousin of Lanya’s.

“I thought I had no friends here,” Lanya admitted.

“You don’t,” Sara said.

Lanya flinched. What the suka was that supposed to mean? The Captain walked in and Lanya understood.

“Jitokan, I see you are ready. Fail and you die,” the Captain said and looked at Sandra. “I expect you to be back quickly, lieutenant. We have unfinished business.”

“Yes, Captain,” Sandra said and saluted.

The Captain walked out after that. The two women waited for a short period of time. Sara turned to face Lanya.

“Give me your right arm,” she said.

“What? Why?” Lanya asked.

“Just do it,” Sara replied and handed Lanya a wash cloth “Also, bite on this.”

Lanya gulped and did as Sandra asked. She bit on the washcloth and Sara held her right arm, which was her dominant arm. Sara pulled out a knife and Lanya’s eyes widened. She bit hard on the cloth as Sara dug the knife into her purple right arm. Squeezing her eyes shut and continuing to bite the cloth, Lanya tried her hardest not to scream. Sara dug into her arm and with the knife popped out a small square chip covered in blood. Quickly Sara placed her hand on Lanya’s arm and a violet aura appeared around her hand. Briefly, Sara’s own purple skin showed and went back to being human. Lanya’s arm healed as if nothing ever happened.

“How did you become the only healer on Jitoku?” Lanya asked rhetorically.

Sara crushed the chip under her foot. Relief swept through Lanya at the sight of it, one less thing to worry about now.

“I’m going to help you get on this ship. You must really care a lot for this human,” Sara said.

“There’s no point denying it,” Lanya replied. “I just wish things turned out differently.”

“You are one sap of a person Lanya, you know that,” Sara replied. “Let’s go.”

“Do you know where the ship is?”

“Yes Lanya, that stupid Captain isn’t very good at Psi-optics. His mind was easily picked. Sorry you had to go through that torture and for the record, that part wasn’t me but the Captain himself.”

Lanya nodded, thankful she was away from the ship. Knowing that Aeryin was indeed still alive filled her with a new sense of hope. She only hoped she wasn’t too late.


The Apis’ ship was completely different from anything she had ever seen. It was huge and had it been a few kilos bigger it could have passed for a space colony. She couldn’t help but wonder if the architect of the ship was compensating for something and always wanted big and gaudy. It looked like a giant metallic beehive. She shook her head not comprehending the ship design but impressed nonetheless.

“By the way, Lanya, you’re still going to have to kill,” Sara said.

“Didn’t you make sure to take care of that so I didn’t?”

“I took the chip out so our Empress could no longer track you,” Sara said and waited as Lanya placed her arms across her chest. “Consider it a late wedding gift. I have no idea where the chip is from the Platerrans or even if it is a chip.”

“This just keeps getting more insane,” Lanya admitted.

“You married a human. You left Jitoku. I think you’re the insane one,” Sara retorted.

“You try being a trophy display,” Lanya said and gritted her teeth. “Anyway, how are we getting onto this ship?”

“Simple. The very least the Captain did was establish parameters with its current Captain. We’ll meet with someone soon enough.”

Lanya nodded.  The two women waited and a reptilian man dressed in a white toga and holding a lasospear stood before them. Next to him stood a reptilian woman wearing a chitin and also holding a lasospear.

“Are you Lieutenant Sandra from Platerra Space Fleet?” the man asked.

“Yes,” Sara answered and showed her Platerra Space Fleet badge.

“Very well. I am Dondei and this is Leanne. Follow me,” He said and turned around.

The man tapped his lasospear on the ground. The woman standing next him followed suit.

The four of them walked up a metallic ramp leading into the Apis’ ship. Lanya felt like she would be covered in honey at any moment and was glad she wasn’t once they were on board. They walked down a green and orange hallway filled with fluorescent lighting.

‘This is poor taste in color,’ Lanya thought.

Sara had to suppress a chuckle when Lanya thought that. Both smiled quickly and returned back to normal before letting the reptilians see them.

Once they all entered through a set of sliding double doors, there was various people inside. At one end of the room, was a puke green colored chair and a heavyset reptilian woman sitting on a chair being fanned by two reptilian men wearing togas and holding gigantic leaves. Lanya couldn’t take it seriously. She had so much trouble trying not to laugh. Sara seemed distant.

“After the games, we will discuss your plans,” Dondei told Sara.

“Agreed,” Sara replied.

Lanya looked at where the current ‘games’ where being held. A circular forcefield appeared before them and she saw her wife.

‘Aeryin!’ She thought.

“Round 1. Langle Warrior Shuma versus Platerran Aeryin Crow,” another reptilian woman said.

Lanya didn’t pay attention to that. She focused on Aeryin and watched the fight take place. It was all a blur. She watched as Aeryin disarmed her opponent and gained an advantage. Aeryin was former military so it didn’t surprise her too much but how long was this fight going to last? However, Aeryin was being merciful by not killing Shuma. Hope filled her. Once the Langle warrior was on the floor, she didn’t know what to expect.

“Lanya, you have to make a choice and kill or be killed,” Sara whispered.

Lanya gulped. She didn’t want to kill Aeryin but she didn’t want to die either. Not after knowing Aeryin was alive. She had to get to her but how? Taking a breath, she ran and did the only thing she could obviously do. As she was running she pulled out her gun and shot Shuma, followed by quickly exiting through another door.

Lanya had no idea where she was going but she hoped she would find another friend on this ship. Knowing the guilt of taking another life would soon set in she rushed through another set of double doors into a high-tech laboratory. She looked directly at an Apis. Swallowing back her fear at seeing a four-foot anthropomorphic bee wearing a white lab coat she opened her mouth to speak.

“Please help me,” Lanya pleaded.

“Who are you?” The Apis asked not moving.

Lanya explained everything and the Apis nodded. She tapped some controls on a terminal she was standing next to.

“This is highly interesting,” the Apis said.

“What is?” Lanya replied panicking.

“We don’t have much time,” the Apis said and glided over to Lanya.

Before Lanya could do anything, the Apis took out a syringe and shot it through her neck. Lanya’s eyes widened.

“What the Suka?”

“This is going to hurt,” the Apis said.

She took out a scalpel and peeled through one of Lanya’s gills. Whatever she had been injected with numbed the pain but Lanya knew she would feel it later. The Apis took out an even smaller metallic chip and crushed it in her hands. Lanya flinched. The Apis quickly took out her fever wand, pressed a button and it released nanobots to heal Lanya’s new wound. Her gill looked like it wasn’t even affected.

“What’s your name?”

“Samanthra. You’re lucky you came here instead of anywhere else,” Samanthra said chidingly. “Anyone else and you would have ended up like the Platerran.”


“Aeryin Crow. She’s probably going to die if she doesn’t use her limbs.”

Lanya lifted an eyebrow. “What do her limbs have to do with anything?”

“Nevermind about that,” Samanthra shook her head. “What I did on your gill is only a temporary fix. You need to recover and I have to monitor you to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

“Guess I’m stuck here,” Lanya sighed “But Aeryin is, well, she’s my wife!”

It was Samanthra’s turn to be shocked. She looked at Lanya. Shaking her head she scrolled through her blue infosphere again.

“It mentions nothing of you in her records.”

“I’m not surprised,” Lanya sighed angrily.

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