NaNoWriMo Chapter Nine (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated. Special perk if you bring me a lease to an apartment I can actually afford. The sad thing is I’m actually not joking…. Onwards to the story!

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Chapter Nine

Aeryin walked down the same green and orange fluorescent lighted halls with the reptilians wondering why there was even a coliseum deck and how big the ship actually was. It was nothing like she was used to from Platerra Space Fleet or even when she was commandeering ships.  Another pressing thought on her mind was who she would be facing on the coliseum deck. Being human had to be an unfair advantage in this case. Although Samanthra had fixed her left arm and legs, so maybe that would help out somewhat, but Aeryin didn’t think she had a fair shot. High from the purple pills, she hoped she wouldn’t regret it when she walked onto the deck.

They came to a set of sliding double doors. One of the reptilian men pushed a few keys on the button pad next to the door and waited as the machine performed a retinal scan on him. Aeryin noted that for later. Once the doors slid open they walked out onto a huge metal floor with people huddled together in a circle. The people were more reptilians and other extraterrestrial life forms. Some of the people even looked like Platerrans until you saw the color of their eyes, tails, and other features. As they saw the reptilian men and Aeryin they spaced out forming a large open circle in front of them. Walking past them was two men that looked like a mix between a crocodile and a bear carrying a stretcher. On the stretcher was a man with brown leathery skin with gold markings. He wore a tattered neutral white uniform of a peace herald. Aeryin grimaced. Passed the group of people she saw Bravra sitting on a puke green colored chair being fanned by gigantic green leaves held by two more reptilian men dressed in togas.

The reptilian men with Aeryin pushed her into the circle and stepped back. As Aeryin fell, she threw her hands out in front of her and landed in a plank position. Getting up from the floor she looked around again. Nothing made sense here. Shooting up from the floor, a translucent wall appeared around her in the circle. There was enough room to fight but not enough to surrender and flee. Taking a breath, she waited for what would happen next.

A small portal opened up in front of her. She jumped back as a person that looked like a human appeared before her. Her hair, deep green and her ears pointed. This person was a woman dressed in leather armor and holding an arming sword in one hand and a buckler in the other hand. Aeryin shuddered not knowing how she would win this fight. Backing away slowly, Aeryin watched as the green haired woman made practice strokes.

“Hey, you want to talk about this?” Aeryin asked in desperation waving her arms while still slowly backing away.

“You must die. It’s part of my contract,” the woman answered.

“Shitty contract if you ask me,” Aeryin said as she stopped moving backwards an inch away from the circular wall. “Why not team together?”

A reptilian woman wearing a white chitin stood in front of the invisible wall. Holding a microphone and commanding everyone’s attention she spoke.

“Round 1. Langle Warrior Shuma versus Platerran Aeryin Crow.”

The crowd around them began cheering for the Langle Warrior. Aeryin sighed. She knew life wasn’t fair but to die in a gladiator game and not even be adequately prepared with a decent weapon was beyond her. She started practicing her own martial arts moves and hoped she remembered the techniques she learned so long ago in basic about disarming someone with a weapon.

Shuma ran towards Aeryin, raising her sword and aiming a strike. Deflecting it, Aeryin let her hand slide down her Shuma’s forearm and grabbed her wrist. Placing a thumb on her inner wrist and her four fingers on the back of Shuma’s hand she bent the Langle warrior’s wrist and applied pressure. After completing the rest of this move Aeryin grabbed the blade and side flipped. Aiming her newfound sword at her opponent she charged to make the final strike. Shuma held up her undamaged hand after dropping her buckler and a green glow appeared around it.

“Hey that’s not fair,” Aeryin shouted stopping mid-charge. “I can’t use magic.”

“Platerrans have had the ability to use psi-optics for the past two millenia. You can’t use that as an excuse.”

“Not all Platerrans have mastered it and it is certainly not magic,” Aeryin pleaded, as she kept the armed sword in a combat position.  “I really don’t think your contract is worth that much. What’s so great about me anyway? Surely, it’s not in your contract to kill a lowly Platerran such as myself. I mean if I was Terran I can see that but Platerra is not something to get so worked up about.”

“That is none of your business, human,” Shuma answered as the green glow around her hand started glowing darker and a ball of energy appeared before her palm.

“Help me get out of here, and we can be allies,” Aeryin said and got ready to defend herself with her blade hoping she wouldn’t die in the process.

“You wouldn’t pay enough,” Shuma answered gathering more energy as she spoke.

“Suit yourself,” Aeryin said and continued to charge.

She pummeled her sword flat side down on Shuma’s shoulder before anything else could be done or said. There was no point in killing someone unless she absolutely had to. Shuma slumped down, the green glow around her hand gone.  She looked up at Aeryin.

“I’m surprised you didn’t cry out in pain,” Aeryin said.

“To show weakness is frowned upon when it comes to my people,” Shuma answered, defeated “I don’t know how you were able to best me, but you have won this battle, human.”

“Who gave you this contract?” Aeryin asked.

As Shuma opened her mouth to speak a bullet whizzed by and penetrated her skull. Dropping to the floor, a pool of black blood surrounded her head. Aeryin took two steps back in an effort not to let the blood touch her and thought this was overkill. She looked out of the wall. A black robed and hooded figure with just a hint of violet hair poking out of the hood made its way through a door just past Bravra.  Aeryin briefly thought of Lanya but that couldn’t be her. Lanya did have violet hair but she was dead. Aeryin shook the thought away. There are a lot of people with violet hair and more.

‘Lanya is dead. No matter how much you don’t want that to be true you need to accept that,’ Aeryin thought.

“How did the Langle warrior get defeated by a Platteran?” One of the crowd shouted.

“Platerrans have psi-optics remember?” Someone else replied.

Aeryin ignored it and looked directly at Bravra. Anger flushed through her at the sight of the reptilian woman.


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