NaNoWriMo Chapter Ten (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated. Special perk if you actually have been reading this story and leave a comment or two. I don’t think anyone is actually reading these chapters… Nevertheless, I will continue to post them…

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Chapter Ten

“How did you two meet?” Samanthra asked Lanya.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now,” Lanya answered.

She was sitting on one of the operating tables in the far back corner of the room and trying to be patient. She had gained freedom from one ship and became imprisoned on another. The things she did for love. She shook her head slowly and looked at the floor.  Relationships were hard enough, but all of this?

The double doors to the laboratory opened and Aeryin was thrown in by two reptilian men. She landed on the floor again. Bruises and cuts were scattered on her arms, chest, and face. Anger flashed through her eyes. Pushing herself up, she limped to the first operating table she laid eyes on and laid down on it.

“I hate to see the other guy,” Samanthra said.

“These people are sick,” she said. “Should have just killed me when you had the chance.”

Lanya looked at her wife who hadn’t noticed her yet and silently cringed at her comment. Not that she could blame her. Who knows what Aeryin had gone through since they had been separated? Lanya swallowed, hoping against hope that there was still something left to save of their relationship. Nevertheless, she got up and walked to Aeryin’s side.

“Aeryin,” she said softly.

“Wonderful, I’m hallucinating again,” Aeryin replied.

“No, you’re not,” Lanya said stunned.

Samanthra glided over to Aeryin. She looked at Lanya and back to Aeryin.

“You’re certainly not hallucinating. She claims to be your wife,” Samanthra stated.

Aeryin lifted an eyebrow and got up. She stared at Lanya for a long time. Lanya gulped. Tears formed in Aeryin’s eyes.

“I thought you were dead!” Aeryin cried and threw her arms around Lanya.

Lanya returned the embrace and held Aeryin tightly. Lanya began to cry herself and kissed the top of Aeryin’s dirty red hair.

“You stink,” Lanya said.

Aeryin laughed. Pulling away from her, she looked at Lanya.

“How are you alive?”

Samanthra tapped in a keycode at that point and Sara walked in. She looked at Lanya and Aeryin and then at Samanthra. Motioning for them to follow her, they did. Aeryin looked at Lanya.

“Trust me,” she mouthed.

Sara, Aeryin, and Lanya ran while Samanthra hovered behind them. With Sara in the lead, she led them off the ship, past sleeping reptilian guards.

“Fresh air,” Aeryin breathed.

“Enjoy it later,” Lanya demanded “We have to get out of here.”

Running past normal civilians who didn’t bother giving them a second glance, they escaped the space port, which to Aeryin looked like a city in itself. Lanya breathed relief upon exiting it. Sara jumped into the driver seat of a hover car and Lanya, Aeryin, and Samanthra followed suit. Lanya would ask questions later and she knew Aeryin would do the same.

Sara zigzagged through the streets, nearly crashing into others. One man in another hover car raised his fist and shook it at them screaming curses in his language. Lanya looked at Aeryin. Aeryin just held Lanya’s hand and didn’t respond other than that. Eventually, they came to a cross section, where they could no longer use the hover car. Sara handed it over to a valet and they ran once more out of the city.

“We’re going to have to lie low for a while,” Sara said.

Lanya didn’t understand the waste of words. Couldn’t she just telepathically relay the message? She might have been weak at this power, but Sara definitely wasn’t. Resisting the urge to shake her head, she continued to follow Sara’s lead.

“I can’t keep up,” Aeryin bent over and panted, hands on her knees.

Lanya stepped beside her and looked at their surroundings. They had gone a far distance from where they had been originally. Surrounding them was uncultivated land and bodies of water.

“I don’t think it’s safe to stop,” Lanya said.

“I can’t do this,” Aeryin said.

“Yes, you can. You must.” Lanya replied and placed her hand on Aeryin’s back.

“I-I thought you were dead. I…” Aeryin trailed off.

Lanya moved her hand up and down Aeryin’s back. She swallowed not sure how she was going to explain faking her death so Aeryin could get away from Platerra.

“Aeryin, we will have to talk about this later,” She said and looked at the water. “Come into the water with me.”


“Just do it,” Lanya said and Aeryin listened.

“Sara, where should we meet you?” Lanya asked.

Sara walked over to her, and handed her a black bracelet. Lanya slipped it on. Looking at Sara, she waited for an explanation.

“Once it turns green, we’ll be reunited.” Sara said.

Lanya nodded.

Sara continued to run with Samanthra. Lanya looked at Aeryin. There wasn’t much time left if they were being hunted.

“Put your arms and legs around me” Lanya commanded.

Aeryin did as she was told not understanding what Lanya meant by this. Lanya placed her mouth on Aeryin’s and Lanya dived into the water. Her mouth on Aeryin’s she was essentially breathing for the human so she wouldn’t drown. Aeryin’s eyes opened she stared at Lanya mesmerized and held on tightly. A small force field developed around Aeryin and Lanya removed her mouth from hers. Afraid, Aeryin was relieved she was able to breathe underwater in a force field supplied by Lanya. Not only that but the wounds she received from playing gladiator started healing at a fast rate.

‘How are you doing this?’ Aeryin thought.

‘I don’t know,’ Lanya thought back. ‘Just hold on tight and don’t let go.’

Aeryin listened to Lanya’s thought command and wondered how the suka she was just able to do that. She was never good at Psi-Optics. The best thing she ever got close to with that was being able to read people and pick up on emotions by body language which nearly everyone on Platerra was able to do. Amazed at Lanya’s abilities underwater, Aeryin could only watch and hold on to her wife.

Lanya swam fast even with Aeryin holding onto her for dear life. They covered a good amount of distance within a short time. Aeryin caught quick glances at the underwater life which reminded her of her own planet, Platerra. Schools of multicolored fish surrounded them. Jelly fish were in some areas and other creatures she couldn’t identify but she considered beautiful.

Looking up from Aeryin, Lanya saw where they needed to go. Placing her mouth back on Aeryin’s the forcefield disappeared and they rushed upwards. Once they hit the surface, Aeryin took a deep breath and coughed. She looked at Lanya, speechless.

“I, I’ve missed you,” Aeryin said and kept herself attached to Lanya.

“I’m glad I’m still the only one you show your soft side to,” Lanya responded and returned the hug.

After they broke the embrace, and Aeryin floated away from Lanya, she waited for Lanya to answer her question. She also looked at their current surroundings. Wherever her wife took them, it was a secluded area. Unless Aeryin wanted to climb a cliff, there was no other way out, but at least the sky was above them. Something she would never take for granted again.

“I sacrificed myself so you could escape the Platerra Space Fleet,” Lanya said.


“They were tracking our ship, so I had one of our crew override the system,” Lanya explained slowly. “I drank an elixir to give the appearance of death and one of our crew members crashed the ship.”

“I thought I was responsible for those deaths. You’re telling me it was you this whole time!”

Lanya looked away from Aeryin. She had not intended for their whole crew to die. She faced Aeryin again. Lanya flinched. ‘If looks could kill,’ Lanya sighed.

“How can I trust you Lanya?” Aeryin cried “I mourned for you, let guilt overtake me about your death and our former crew, and I find out it was all you!”

“I did it for you,” Lanya whispered.

“That is one skewed sense of love,” Aeryin replied and Lanya cringed.

“I’m not the one that crashed the ship,” Lanya admitted.

“You still led me to believe you were dead. Why? Why not just come with me?” Aeryin said, crying.

“I did. I married you. I left my home world to be with you. I gave up a position of royalty to be with you.” Lanya yelled. “I broke you out of prison, and then I gave you the opportunity to escape the Platerra Space Fleet again without me slowing you down, and you think I have a skewed sense of love?”

“Those unnecessary deaths…” Aeryin began.

“Don’t beat yourself up over that. Our former crew were willing to put their lives on the line for you. Don’t let that sacrifice be in vain.”

“Lanya, I got a section 8 discharge for marrying you,” Aeryin said “I gave up my life in the military to be with you. Don’t think you’re the only one that made sacrifices.”

Aeryin was about to open up her mouth to say more, but Lanya moved in, held Aeryin close to her and kissed her. Aeryin returned the kiss and held Lanya tightly. Looking down into Lanya’s violet eyes and at her purple skin, she sighed.

“I guess, we’re stuck with each other no matter what,” Aeryin said.

“You don’t really want us to end do you?” Lanya asked.

“Not after everything we’ve been through,” Aeryin replied. “But it’s going to be really hard.”

“We have to find Sara and the Apis,” Lanya said in an effort to change the subject.

“I have to get Samanthra’s ship back.” Aeryin replied.

“You do realize she’s using you right?” Lanya asked.

“She fixed me otherwise I wouldn’t be able to walk. Getting her ship back for her, is the right thing to do,” Aeryin said and turned away from Lanya.

Aeryin was about the climb the steep cliff, when Lanya stopped her. She looked at Lanya questioningly.

“When’s the last time you rested?” Lanya asked.

Aeryin looked back up at the sky and the cliff. Turning her face back towards Lanya she shook her head.

“Aside from when Samanthra drugged me, I don’t remember,” she answered.

“There’s a cave over there,” Lanya said and pointed behind her.

Aeryin turned around and looked in that direction. She nodded to herself.

“I don’t think I have time to rest,” Aeryin said.

“If you don’t, you’ll kill yourself from exhaustion,” Lanya replied.

Judging from Lanya’s tone, Aeryin opted not to argue. It was true, she needed to rest. She followed Lanya to the cave and once they were inside, she lay down on the ground and slept a dreamless sleep.

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