NaNoWriMo Chapter Eleven (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated. I am good with the perks for now. I had someone buy me a drink and a pizza at a certain nightclub and they also gave me their phone number. I now have a possible date at coffee shop in the near future to look forward to unless said person changes their mind which is also possible. Which in that case, I’ll accept a gift card to a book shop. LOL

Onwards to the story! Holy  crap this chapter is really short! Tomorrow’s chapter is not as short I promise! Is anyone actually reading this?

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Chapter Eleven

Aeryin woke with Lanya curled up next to her. Lanya’s light purple arm was across Aeryin’s breast, the fin on Lanya’s arm acting almost like a blanket. Aeryin stroked Lanya’s violet hair, careful not to run her fingers along Lanya’s gills.

Looking up at the sky, it was almost pitch black if not for the two moons, one a silver color and the other a light blue. She looked at Lanya and realized they didn’t bother setting up safety precautions in the cave. There were lucky to be alive right now. The blue and black space suit she was in had dried over the night but she was starting to shiver. Thankful for the warmth from Lanya’s body, although her own black space suit was just as cold, she just lied there for a while, thinking about their predicament.

Lanya stirred and Aeryin grew rigid, hoping she didn’t wake her. Yawning, Lanya then looked up at Aeryin. Aeryin blinked.

“I don’t know how long we slept,” Lanya said and sat up.

“Does it matter?” Aeryin asked.

“We have to find Sara and the Apis,” Lanya said and just as she was about to stand up, Aeryin pulled the woman back to her.

“Lanya, it’s pitch black without those moons,” Aeryin explained. “And, we will need daylight to make the next trek. I’m sure they can wait for us. Besides, Samanthra won’t want me to get too far, I still have to get her ship back for her.”

Lanya cuddled up into Aeryin once more. She didn’t mind this part and the cold never really bothered her, that much. Still, she saw Aeryin trying hard not to show she was shivering. Lanya then wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly. Aeryin snuggled into Lanya.

“I still think she’s using you,” Lanya stated.

“Even so, when someone does you a favor, you should return it to them or to another unfortunate,” Aeryin explained and wrapped her arms around Lanya’s neck, once again careful not to cover her gills. “And I already agreed to get her ship back for her.”

“At what cost though,” Lanya sighed “I don’t want anything happening to you, again. I don’t think I can take that anymore.”

“Neither can I,” Aeryin agreed. “But at least this time we’ll be together. Please, don’t leave me again.”

“I didn’t want to leave you the first time,” Lanya explained, “I just wanted you to escape from Platerra, even if it meant being without me for a while.”

“You know something,” Aeryin said. “I don’t think any other couple would have stayed together at this point.”

“Are you trying to break up with me right now?” Lanya asked raising her eyebrows and about to untangle herself from Aeryin.

Aeryin looked at Lanya. She placed her hand on the side of Lanya’s face.

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving you again,” Aeryin said, looking into the woman’s eyes. “I’m just saying that most couples would have dissolved a relationship like this. No Lanya, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Lanya replied. “As much as I don’t agree with getting the Apis’ ship back, I will follow you. Maybe I’m wrong about her.”

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