NaNoWriMo Chapter Twelve (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated.

This ended up being another short chapter. To be honest, I’m not really sure I can finish this story…

I’m probably talking to myself anyway. Aw well. Here is today’s chapter!

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Chapter Twelve

Sunlight penetrated through her own closed eyelids. Lanya blinked and looked at Aeryin who was still asleep. Untangling herself from her human lover, she changed back into her space suit. Aeryin woke up after that.

“Time to go already,” Aeryin said stupidly and changed into her own outfit.

The two looked up at the large cliff next to them. Lanya gritted her teeth. She had never climbed a cliff or anything of that sort before. Fear clouded her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Aeryin asked.

Lanya shook her head. Staring dumbfounded at the cliff, she didn’t know what to say. Looking at Aeryin, she sighed.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Lanya admitted.

“You sound like me the other day,” Aeryin replied. “What’s wrong?”

“I never climbed a tree. How am I supposed to climb this?” Lanya asked.

Aeryin nodded in consternation. This was definitely going to be a draw back. She thought for a moment.

“What if you took the underwater route?” Aeryin asked.


“Underwater, we can possibly find another route,” Aeryin replied.

“I don’t know if I can do that again, Aeryin. It was hard enough earlier.”

“Alright, you’ll need to transform back to your human form in order to better be able to climb.”

“Aeryin,” Lanya looked at her in shock. “For some reason, I can’t transform back.”

Eyes widening in fear, Aeryin understood. Shaking her head, she didn’t understand how this was going to work. Even with artificial limbs that somehow made her much stronger than she already was, Aeryin grew confused at this turn of events.

“Hop onto my back,” Aeryin said suddenly.

“Um, what?” Lanya asked clearly confused.

“I need to see something. Just do it.”

Lanya complied and did what Aeryin asked. Walking around, giving Lanya another piggy back ride, Aeryin was trying to decipher if she could do this the whole climb up the cliff. Deciding she wasn’t able to do that, she let Lanya down gently.

“Hmm, we don’t have rope either,” Aeryin said.

“Why don’t you just climb and I’ll meet you in another way,” Lanya said.

Aeryin looked at her. She shook her head no. No way.

“No, we stick together, this time around,” Aeryin said adamantly.

Lanya walked to the edge of the cave and jumped into the water. She swam to the cliff. Her webbed hand on one part of the rocky surface and her webbed foot on another, she attempted to climb. She managed to get three feet up the cliff and then fell, splashing into the water. Aeryin just watched and began to think of a way to help her wife with this feat.

She looked at the rocky wall and saw a part of it with vines scattered around it, leading up the cliff.

‘That’s ridiculously convenient,’ she thought to herself.

“Lanya, try to hold onto the vines to climb up,” Aeryin said.

She proceeded to do the same thing, letting her training from basic and experience from past missions take over. Lanya would have a bit of trouble but Aeryin wasn’t about to leave her. Eventually, Lanya got it and followed Aeryin’s lead. While they climbed they said nothing to each other, only focusing on not falling down. It took a while but Aeryin reached the top of the cliff. She grabbed Lanya’s arm and hefted her up. Losing her balance, she fell to the ground with Lanya on top of her, both of them panting from their ordeal.

“Lanya, this isn’t the place to make love to me you know,” Aeryin said, smirking.

“I’m glad you can still have a sense of humor in this,” Lanya replied. “But if you don’t mind, I never want to climb a cliff again!”

Aeryin laughed and hugged Lanya. Both of them got up and started walking. They proceeded to walk down the mountain and up to a fence made of logs tied together with some type of rope that Aeryin couldn’t decipher.  A large sign was hung above the wooden fence that read: “Village of Sukawa.” On either side of the wooden fence, stood two guards dressed in archaic armor and holding archaic spears.

‘This doesn’t make any sense,’ Aeryin thought remembering the space port they had left the other day.

“Perhaps this is a third world country on this planet?” Lanya asked and shrugged.

“If a planet has the ability of space travel, there shouldn’t be any third world countries,” Aeryin replied. “But I guess, we’ll just have to see.”

They walked to the fence and the guards crossed their spears in an x shape in front of it. Taken aback, the couple just stood there.  Aeryin looked at the guards noticing for the first time they were robots.

“State your business,” one of the guards said.

“We’re just visitors,” Aeryin said quickly. “We don’t mean any harm and just want to find a place to stay for the night.”

“Remove any and all weapons,” the other guard said. “This is a peaceful town and violence in any form will not be tolerated.”

“We don’t have any weapons,” Aeryin said. “Can’t you see that?”

“Your weapons are your legs and arm,” the other guard chimed in.

“Whoa, look. I can’t walk without them,” Aeryin said desperately, waving her arms. “I don’t intend to perform violence of any sort. Please just let us in.”

Lanya was stunned. She finally pieced together what Samanthra said about Aeryin’s limbs. Mentally she kicked herself for not paying attention to those details.

“You will be bound to a wheel chair, if you wish to enter this village,” the other guard stated.

Another guard walked out with a hover chair. It was metallic green and it hovered a foot above ground. Anyone that sat in one would have their legs out of view. A seat belt was on the seat itself and one side was a joystick to control the movements of the chair. Frowning at the sight, Aeryin was about to make a run for it when Lanya placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Aeryin, it will only be temporary. At least until we get out of here. Do it for now, so we can go forward.”

Aeryin gulped and complied. If it was only temporary, fine. She stepped into the hover chair and her legs were immediately locked into place. Her left arm also locked. All she had control of was the rest of her body and her right arm to steer her chair. Hating this from the very start, Aeryin hoped they would leave the village soon. The guards stood on either side of the wooden fence and it opened, revealing an archaic Medieval looking town. The only difference was there were still technological advances and different alien races walking around. Some people were at stalls buying the latest eBook readers or even hologram displays of their favorite videos and more. Others looked at virtual reality displays of video games and movies.

Lanya walked beside her. Her black bracelet was starting to glow a faint green.

“We’re getting close,” she said to Aeryin.

Defeated, Aeryin could do nothing but follow Lanya’s lead. Once they came up to an inn Lanya stopped. The black bracelet transformed to a full green color. In front of them, stood Sara and another person. This woman had dark brown hair, brown eyes that appeared black, and she towered over Aeryin’s height of five feet and ten inches. The woman wore a black and yellow striped long sleeve shirt. Her skin was a dark tan.

“Who are you?” Aeryin asked.

“I’m Samanthra,” the woman replied and held her arm in front of Aeryin. She was wearing a black wristband that had electrical displays across it.

“I figured disguising myself as a human would be beneficial for the time being,” Samanthra explained and put her arm down.

“You make one attractive human,” Aeryin responded and Lanya shivered.

“What,” Aeryin said. “She does. Oh stop that, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”

“Anyway, we need to plan how to get Samanthra’s ship back,” Sara said and they agreed.

“There’s an inn up the road, we can rest there tonight,” Samanthra replied.

They all nodded in agreement and headed to the inn.

“Wait a second,” Aeryin said suddenly “Who has zegoas to pay for the inn?”

“I do,” Samanthra replied and Aeryin stayed silent after that.

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