NaNoWriMo Chapter Fourteen (Aeryin Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated.


I’m not going to ask for anything aside from maybe a few comments on some of my posts perhaps?

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Chapter Fourteen

Aeryin chased after her. The crowd around them stepped out of the way, confused. As Aeryin ran down hallways, and knocked doors down with her artificial limbs, Lanya zig-zagged through the hallways, attempting to throw Aeryin off her trail. She didn’t know what the reptilian shot through Aeryin’s neck, but whatever it was she hoped it would wear off soon, if it could.

Lanya ran down another hallway desperately trying to get away from Aeryin. The destructive madness from Aeryin was too much and she certainly didn’t want to be on the receiving end of it. Unfortunately, she accidentally cornered herself. There was no escape between the wall and the only other area was directly behind Aeryin, whose skin was glowing and eyes completely red. But she was human, why was this happening?

Lanya cowered before Aeryin, knowing this was the worst thing she could do. She wouldn’t hurt Aeryin, she couldn’t. But her red headed human lover was about to kill her without remorse. Suddenly Lanya wrapped her arms around Aeryin’s neck.

“Please Aeryin, snap out of it,” Lanya cried “You’re better than this!”

Aeryin placed her hand on Lanya’s neck over her gills. Lanya cried hoping against hope that Aeryin would come to. Bravra stood behind Aeryin.

“Kill her, human,” Bravra sneered.

Something snapped in Aeryin then. She pushed Lanya to the ground and turned around. Facing Bravra, she grabbed the reptilian’s neck and lifted her in the air. Snapping Bravra’s neck, she threw the reptilian across the hallway. The red in her eyes began fading back to its normal green color and her skin stopped glowing. Lanya could only stare.

“Where am I?” Aeryin asked.

“I want to say safe, but it seems we have been tracked down like I feared,” Lanya replied, getting up. “Aeryin, is it really you?”

“Who else would it be?” Aeryin asked rhetorically.

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