NaNoWriMo Chapter One (Lanya Crow)

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this NaNoWriMo exercise will force me to finish this and the readers that do read it enjoy it. Comment please. Constructive criticism and/or lavish praise is always appreciated.

Alright, so this is technically a new story. The prior story had a lot of work done when I was in horror and fantasy writing class, so please bare with me through these errors. Once November is over, I’m going to go back and edit everything but the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to get the damn thing finished right? I’m just crazy enough to post it on my blog. Once December comes, I will go back to posting the short stories I know most of you love. I know it seems like I might be talking to myself but due to my stats page, I know a lot of you are reading this and just not saying anything. Onwards to the story!

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Chapter One 

Rain pelted the ground and Lanya, dressed in a kimono wrapped her arms around herself, confused. Studying her surroundings, it looked like she was back on Jitoku, but it made no sense to her. She was far away from her home planet and she could not remember the last time she had even worn a kimono.

A woman with green hair and elven ears materialized before her, her body shimmering through the rain. Lanya’s eyes widened at the sight.

‘Where am I?’ She thought.

“You killed me,” The woman told her. “You are a monster.”

Lanya looked at her and realized who it was. The woman she had shot on Samanthra’s ship, when Aeryin was on the gladiator deck. Gulping, Lanya froze, not sure what to do.

“You killed me,” the woman spoke again.

“I-I didn’t have a choice,” Lanya stuttered and backed away two steps.

The shimmering being, floating towards her, and Lanya resisted the urge to run. The specter stopped short before her and reached out a hand. The hand an inch from Lanya’s face, and Lanya couldn’t breathe for a second or two.

“You killed me,” the woman repeated.

“I know,” Lanya said, tears forming in her eyes.

The specter began to move away from Lanya and then transformed. Hands turned into paws, nails into claws, elven ears turning red and horns developing on the woman’s head. The woman’s skin turning red and her features becoming that of a demon, teeth turning into fangs.

‘Oni.’ The word crossed Lanya’s mind and she ran like suka.  No way, she was staying put, not with a demon materializing before her. The oni chased after her as she zig zagged between various trees, hoping to lost the oni but knowing this was a losing battle from the start. Suddenly the oni appeared before her, red skin shimmering, and it held a mace club with spikes. Smiling at her, it lifted its’ club over its’ head and swung down towards Lanya.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Lanya woke and sat up quickly, breathing heavily.

“Lanya,” Aeryin quickly got up next to her.

Breathing normally, Lanya sighed. Looking at Aeryin, she shook her head.

“Just another dream,” Lanya replied.

“It’s been happening frequently,” Aeryin said. “Maybe it’s time to see someone.”

“Samanthra doesn’t have the proper staff for that,” Lanya retorted. “It will pass. I just need time and we need to get off this ship.”

Aeryin nodded. Putting her arm around Lanya, Lanya leaned into it.  Hugging Aeryin tightly to her, she wished this moment would last a while longer. It was not to be though.

“Aeryin, Lanya, report to the bridge,” Samanthra’s voice sounded over the intercom.

The couple broke their embrace. Getting dressed quickly, they reported to the bridge. The four foot apis with four black legs, and two black arms, played the holocom for them.

“Breaking news: Aeryin Crow and Lanya Crow are considered to be armed and dangerous. Anyone suspected to be hiding them will be taken in for questioning. If you see something, say something. They are thought to be traveling with this Apis. I repeat they are armed and dangerous.

Samanthra turned the holocom off. Lanya looked at Aeryin and back at Samanthra. Now what?

“We are definitely going to need a new ship,” Aeryin said. “And disguises.”

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