“Safe Spaces” by Erin M Miller (8/5/2018)

You say safe spaces have no place in this world
Safe spaces are for the weak,
The downtrodden
The Ne’er do wells
Students are crybabies
Whom want to be safe
In their caves free of judgment,
Free of violence
Free of danger
And the sickness of society ills
If not in school
Supposedly a safe cave
A refuge for the young
Before turning them to the horrors of the world
But with current lock downs
In the past, bomb threats
Anthrax scares,
And then some
Where is there a safe refuge?
When a child comes to school
What if the home is violent and unsafe
CPS doesn’t always do it’s job
Teachers, in general underpaid
You trust to teach your seed
To bring up your children for six and a half hours a day
At the minimum
Even though the behind the scenes work goes unnoticed
If a student can’t turn to a teacher for support
Can’t be safe in a classroom
Where can they go
Who can they turn to
Safe spaces are imperative to learning
A child shouldn’t fear bullets piercing flesh
Shouldn’t fear repercussions of differences
Hasn’t diversity been stressed
Shouldn’t even have to live in fear of going home
Once the school day is done
This would be an ideal world
But we don’t live in an ideal world do we
Our children deserve better
Our next generation of leaders has to have hope
Who will give them hope and instill new dedications and patience
If not us, the current adults
We can a learn a lot from children
Before we completely mold their minds and shape their expectations
Pure and innocent
Just want to play and play
Innocent little fairies
Playful little imps
But when society goes to new lows and
Even teenagers are forced to act like adults
What does that say about actual adults
Teenagers need guidance
They aren’t full fledged adults yet
Brains still still growing like boiling jell-o and yet
We can also learn from them too
Respect what they have to say and
Encourage what they might think within reason
But allow them their independence at this stage and
Give them their safe spaces
Their safe refuge
Their caves of innocence
While we arm them for the horrors of the world
In hopes that one day
Our children will change it for the better
For if a teenager,
even a child,
doesn’t feel safe,
How can they develop into well rounded adults when
The time comes for them to take
Their place in the world?

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