Search for Mcgriddles

Words: McGriddle, Dragon, 4pm Hairspray, Universe

Dedicated to Meghan Nagle

Stretching out my long black claws I wait to have them painted. I love getting manicures, don’t you? Thankfully this salon is dragon friendly as I wave my tuft of blond hair, styled with hairspray proudly. What? You never seen a pink dragon with blond hair before? Well, first time for everything isn’t there?

Tracy, a woman with dark hair and shiny blue eyes, is my cosmetologist. She does my nails, my hair, everything. I always request Tracy. Clearly my favorite but then again don’t most women have favorites when they go to a salon?  The other bonus is Tracy doesn’t fear me like most of her staff. The fear gets to me. Yes, I’m a pink dragon with blond hair and getting her claws done, but I don’t think I should be scary. I’m quite peaceful. My brother, on the other hand, he’s scary but let’s not go there.

“I love that color,” I say as she continues to dip her paint brush in the nail polish made specifically for me.

Tracy uses a paintbrush in order to paint my claws. The color is a neon purple. It goes well with my pink scales. Good thing she used to be an artist or so she has told me in the past.

“Thank you,” she replies. “What do you plan to do after this?”

“I want a mcgriddle. I hear they are pretty good.”

“I think breakfast is over don’t you?” She asks me.

“I still want one,” I reply and this ends the conversation.

Using white nail polish next, Tracy then adds flowery designs to my claws. I nod approvingly. My claws now look extra pretty.

When the manicure is over, I pay Tracy and leave a generous tip. Even dragons can be generous you know. We have morals as well but that’s beside the point.

The time is now 4pm. My stomach rumbles which terrifies some people but I ignore it. I’m just hungry after all. So I make my way down the city street to McDonalds. I want that mcgriddle.

Entering Mcdonalds, so many people run out the building. It hurts that they judge so much but then again my stomach was on a mission. I was getting a mcgriddle. That or a supersize meal. Did they have supersize mcgriddles? Thankfully, one crew member and someone I take for a manager is there.

“I’d like a dozen mcgriddles please?” I announce hoping my manners are correct for this human.

“Breakfast is over ma’am,” the crew member stutters.

“Well make one special just for me, I’ll even heat it up.” I say hoping this will work.

The haggard manager just looks at the crew member. He sighs and turns back to me.

. “We’ll make you one mcgriddle.” He says.

That’s barely a snack to me but I simply nod. I wanted what I wanted.

“Fine,” I reply and let out an uncontained yawn which I accidently spit fire.

It burns the manager and crew member out of this universe. I sigh. I just wanted a mcgriddle.

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