Asking for Donations

Please Donate to Keep Reading These Stories for Free! With each following story, I will be asking for small donations from readers. You are not required to donate however so please do not feel obligated. I will continue to post the stories weekly for free, but expenses are rising and right now since this blog... Continue Reading →

A Very Cognitive Coddiwomple

Please Donate to Keep More Stories Coming Your Way! Dedicated to Ushiku Crisifulli Words: Falafel, Purple, Onomatopoeia, Coddiwomple, Dragons Why hello there? What you weren’t expecting me? Were you expecting a dragon? Why does everyone expect dragons and not an oversized purple caterpillar? No matter. Give me a second why I light my pipe. Ah... Continue Reading →

The Mermaid’s Plight

Please Donate to Keep More Stories Coming Your Way!   Dedicated to Melissa Fitzgerald Words: Demi, Minnie, Badass, Mermaid, Resilient One of my favorite Demi songs was playing from the radio. Ecstatic, I sing loudly as I drive my car to the park. I was meeting some friends there and I had board games in... Continue Reading →

Direct Sales Requiem

Dedicated to Emily Majowka Words: Scentsy, Wickless, Disney, Cruise, Director Scentsy is an awesome direct sales company. Heck, at least I think so and I hope my customers agree. I’m sure they do, since they keep coming back. Some people think of this company as a pyramid scheme but not me. I’ve myself a successful career... Continue Reading →

Hot Apple Cider

Dedicated to Theone Berns Words: Choose, Feet, Stone, Birds, Hot When you must choose between life and death, most people will automatically choose life. It’s an innate reaction to live even in the direst of circumstances. William, however, was an anomaly. He had no fear or so it seemed, could not shiver or shake, and... Continue Reading →

The Owl Pendant

Author's Note: Names and places are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real places or real people is purely coincidental. This applies to all my stories but needs to be said due to the nature of the following story. Dedicated to Christy Hall Words: Buffet, Behead, Prediction, Metallic You are overweight so naturally, you would be... Continue Reading →

The Epic of the Bard

Author's Note: I have never written in second person before so I just had to try it. I'm not sure if I will keep this story in second person though. Also, this is most likely going to be a novel but I figured this first chapter fits quite well as a short story. Comment if... Continue Reading →

The Neoteric Quest Part Three

Chapter Three “That’s a relief,” Al agreed and held up his eye piece followed by looking through it towards the castle. “I’m surprised there are no guards.” He handed the eye piece to Elyse and she looked through it as well. Scoping out the entrance, she noted it mentally and closed the eyepiece. Handing it... Continue Reading →

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